Michael Bovaird
Headhunter & Staffing Specialist

If you are an employer looking for temporary or contract staff for your company in the area of SAP, JAVA, BI or IT Staffing, contact me and I will find you the person you are looking for.

My team and I have over 100 years of combined experience headhunting and finding the right talent from all over the US.

If you are an employee looking for a position in our specialty area, call me and I will find you a position.

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(941) 932-0282
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Why Choose Sophlogic?

SophLogic, a strategically focused IT headhunting firm, is located in North America and the only firm of its kind specializing in SAP, BI, Java and IT staffing services.

While other staffing companies “source” from the same old pool of talent, we headhunt America’s finest, providing our clients those employees they previously could only dream of.

We also help organizations identify, recruit and select the best IT talent for either contract or permanent positions. Through effectively supplementing staffing services, we help organizations derive more value from their IT investments and to better equip them for the competitive business environment of tomorrow.

Each member of our headhunting/staffing teams offers a wealth of industry experience and in-depth knowledge in specialized subject matters within the world of information technology. With experience spanning more than 50 industries and bridging every continent, SophLogic is poised to put that experience to work for you.

Need SAP Staffing?

“A shortage of workers with SAP NetWeaver BI and XI skills, among others, is sending salaries skyrocketing for consultants and in-house IT workers, according to recent research. It's a shortage SAP itself is trying to address….Companies willing to pay a premium are snatching up that talent….Read More